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Social Traffic Tsunami Course

Facebook is the lifeblood of social media traffic. However, the process of acquiring Facebook traffic has totally changed since the early days of Facebook. With millions of people, sharing billions of updates every day, getting traction from your "targeted" audience can be tricky... The Social Traffic Tsunami course will simplify this! 

This a Facebook marketing "HOW TO" training course has detailed walkthroughs of how to create a flood of traffic to your Facebook Business page! Throughout this course you will learn how to create awesome content, create an action plan for your business, learn how to get free traffic to your Facebook, and so much more!!

Google My Business Setup

Setting up a “Google My Business” (formerly Google Maps / Google+) listing is probably the single most important thing you can do if you are trying to acquire local customers.  The “Google My Business” is a google site that provides customers with proof that your business exists.

There are usually verification steps that are required to make sure you are a real business. This Google listing gives your business the ability to showcase customer reviews, regular content posts, business pictures / images, hours of operation, links to website, etc.  This a MUST for any business. We will build this out for you, specifically optimized for your business.

Facebook Content Posting Service
(Currently only available for Credit Repair, Plumbing, and Roofing Businesses)

The service creates content relevant to your business (see above), and posts it directly onto your Facebook Business Page's timeline. This puts fresh, relevant content in front of potential paying customers daily! Think about this... have you ever searched for something on Facebook, or maybe did a search for a local service company (plumber / roofer / dentist, etc)?

How would you feel if you think you had found the perfect dentist and then looked up their Facebook Business page, see they haven’t posted anything since 2016.  This service will post new fresh content daily…. It will let your potential customers know.. “I’m open ready to do business with you”! This bonus includes all Setup (normally $297), and (3) months of content posting (normally $97/mo).

Facebook Business Page Strategies

Just having a Facebook Business pages isn’t enough. We can’t stress enough, how important it is to use it properly so that you can monetize every possible customer that visits the page.  Getting visitors can be tricky, but we have put together some special training materials that will teach you strategies to drive real buyers to your FB Business page.

Facebook Business Page Setup

We will create you a FB Business Page

Building your brand on Social Media should be a very important part of your marketing strategy in 2020. Facebook is the largest Social Media platform.  If you aren’t active on FB, you are missing potential customers. We are going to setup and optimize your page based on your specific business.

Bing Business Places Setup is one of the biggest search engines in the world.  Bing has a special service called “Bing Places” that showcases relevant businesses in their Search Results pages. 

The “Bing Places” is very similar to the “Google My Business” system that it’s biggest competitor “Google” has in place.  We will assist with the setting up of your “Bing Business Places” listing. We will optimize this and ensure that it is set up in the most beneficial way for your specific business model.

Link Building Starter Campaign

We will build up to 50 links to your website.  In Google’s eyes, each link to your site is a “Popularity Vote” for your website.  As a general rule, the more votes (assuming a good diversification links, and the links are not from “spammy sites”), the better Google typically will rank your site in the SERPs.  The SERPs are the Search Engine Results Pages. We will build a good starter set of links to your website. 

Review ManagementBlueprint 

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DIY Website  SEO Guide

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